Support from the Foundation for Genocide Education

For the past six months, HREC Education has been consulting and working with the Foundation for Genocide Education in Montreal, Quebec on the topic of teaching the Holodomor for their “Enseigner les genocides” Teaching About Genocide: Teachers Guide to be used for the the Province of Quebec’s curriculum. They sent this note of support to HREC Education, given the current situation of Russia’s full out war on Ukraine breaking out, on 24 February 2022. It is received with appreciation:


From: Genocide Foundation
Heartfelt support

Hello Valentina,

The situation in Ukraine is a true tragedy for the Ukrainian nation and for the world. We want you to know that your community can count on our support during this unprovoked invasion of your homeland. We pray that there will not be loss of life, but recognize that the trauma of being bombed and forced to flee one’s home will affect millions.

We condemn this genocidal action on the part of Russia and will use our voice to rally others to do the same.

Thinking of you.

Heidi Berger and the team at the Foundation for Genocide Education