Saskatchewan Curricular Connections

The Saskatchewan curriculum expectations that are linked to the topic of Holodomor are highlighted below.

Social Studies

There are specific grade levels and elements of the Saskatchewan Social Studies curriculum that are particularly relevant to the topic of Holodomor and the history of Canadians of Ukrainian heritage.

Grade 3:

  • Integrated Studies: Health, Science, Social Studies P114.1
  • Integrated outcomes PL3.1, PL3.2, USC 3.1, IN 3.3, RW 3.1
  • ELA outcomes CC3.1 and CC3.4

Grade 5: Social Studies

  • Outcome IN5.2 – Early immigrants to Canada
  • Outcome PA5.1 – Immigration and push-pull factors

Grade 8: Social Studies

  • Outcome IN8.2 – Appraise the influence of immigration as a factor in Canadian cultural diversity.
  • Outcome DR8.3 (e) – Compare the perspectives taken in cases of injustice in Canadian history

Grade 11: History 20 World Issues

  • Unit Two – The Rise of Totalitarianism and the Impact on the Individual
    • Communist economic decision-making; Collectivization; Totalitarian leadership


Grades 7-12, Social Studies: Voices Into Action Unit 2, Lesson 5 (online): Exposing the Ukrainian Holodomor: How starvation was used as a political weapon

Grade 11: Social Studies World Issues

  • Unit One – Human Rights

Grade 12: History 30 Canadian Studies

  • Unit Three – Political Rights
    • Government Ideologies; Extremism

English Language Arts

English Language Arts 7 – Units “Finding the Courage” and “Voices Through the Ages-Reconstructing the Past”

English Language Arts 8 – Unit “Is It Fair? In Search of Justice”

English Language Arts 9 – Units “Conflicts, Issues, and Choices-Doing the right Thing” and “Surviving and Conquering”

English Language Arts B30 – Unit Two focuses on “The Social Experience”. Topics include ambition, power, and searching for the common good. George Orwell’s novel Animal Farm, which offers a satirical look at communism and the Stalin era, is listed as one of the literary texts in English Language Arts 30: A Bibliography for the Secondary Level (1999).

Catholic Studies

Catholic Studies 10 – CS10.4 (d) – Investigate why and how one should forgive or seek forgiveness when forgiveness is difficult in situations such as:

  • genocide and terrorism (e.g., Holocaust, Holodomor, Rwanda, recent terrorist acts such as 9/11)

Saskatchewan Ministry of Education Curriculum Website – NEW

The VIA Holodomor Chapter and Genocide introduction chapter are now found under “Other Useful Materials”.