Presentations about HREC ED

Holodomor Forum, PA

Presentation by Valentina Kuryliw at the Holodomor Forum in Philadelphia, PA, which was organized by the U.S. Committee for the Ukrainian Holodomor-Genocide. The talk was presented during the Curriculum Panel Session on 5 October 2019. Kuryliw discusses the work that has been done to include the Holodomor in curricula across Canada, her own connection to the Holodomor through her family history, and her approach to teaching the Holodomor through the prism of human rights and genocide.

Center for Holocaust & Genocide Studies, MN

Presentation titled “In Commemoration of International Holodomor Memorial Day: Teaching a Genocide the World Forgot” by Valentina Kuryliw for Holodomor Memorial Day by invitation of the University of Minnesota’s Center for Holocaust and Genocide Studies, Minneapolis and the Education Committee of the Ukrainian American Community Center, Minneapolis. Kuryliw was invited to talk about her what motivated her Holodomor activism in her family history, what has been done to include the Holodomor into the teaching curricula and her approach to teaching the Holodomor.