Oral histories

Sonia Lebedin

Survivor’s Story: Sonia Lebedin. Both of her parents were Holodomor survivors. In this video Sonia tells a story from her mother, Anna Milko [married name: Yaresko].

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Petro Hurskyj – Philadelphia

Watch Petro Hurskyj – Philadelphia

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Nadia Tkachenko – Toronto

Watch Nadia Tkachenko – Toronto

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Victor Royenko – Hamilton

Watch Victor Royenko – Hamilton

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Ivan Danylchenko – London

Watch Ivan Danylchenko – London

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Anastasiya Yaremko – Philadelphia

Watch Anastasiya Yaremko – Philadelphia

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Sophia Cilin – New Jersey

Watch Sophia Cilin – New Jersey

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Maria Katchmar – Ottawa

Watch Maria Katchmar – Ottawa

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Luba Kachmarska – Hamilton

Watch Luba Kachmarska – Hamilton

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Natalia Talanchuk – Edmonton

Watch Natalia Talanchuk – Edmonton

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Valerion Revutsky – Vancouver

Watch Valerion Revutsky – Vancouver

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Maria Konets – Philadelphia

Watch Maria Konets – Philadelphia

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Luba Semaniuk – Winnipeg

Watch Luba Semaniuk – Winnipeg

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Mykola Latyshko – Toronto ENGLISH

Watch Mykola Latyshko – Toronto ENGLISH

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Kateryna Shcherban – Toronto

Watch Kateryna Shcherban – Toronto

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Julia Woychyshyn – Ottawa

Watch Julia Woychyshyn – Ottawa

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Zinaida Marusenko – Winnipeg

Watch Zinaida Marusenko – Winnipeg

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