Video & Podcast Links

“How Ukraine’s Holodomor Famine Was Secretly Photographed”, a short video with information about Alexander Wienerberger’s photographs in the Cardinal Theodor Innitzer Collection, RFERL

Acton Line podcast (AUDIO), Acton Institute: The untold story of Stalin’s Ukrainian famine

The Pursuit Podcast (AUDIO), Cato Institute, with Valentina Kuryliw, “Holodomor: The Forgotten Genocide”

Ukraine Famine Genocide Survivor Interviews

Forum TV: Holodomor for teachers – interview with Valentina Kuryliw about her book Holodomor in Ukraine

Valentina Kuryliw talks about the Holodomor and her family history for Unit 2: Chapter 5 of FAST’s learning unit on Genocide

Digitization of the historic First Holodomor Symposium in the world, held in 1983 in Montreal, reconstructed by Yuri Luhovy from decaying archived films and an invaluable part of the history of the early steps taken in the memorialization of the Holodomor in North America. Symposium speakers include James Mace, Roman Serbyn, Wsevolod Isajiw (Videos are in both Ukrainian and in English languages) – View videos