Holodomor Commemoration Presentation at Indiana University

Holodomor Commemoration Presentation | Ukrainian Studies Organization at Indiana University, Bloomington, IN | 30 November 2022, 7PM

Indiana University at Bloomington held its annual Holodomor Memorial Day Commemoration Presentation at which HREC Education director Valentina Kuryliw was invited to present her story as a child of Holodomor survivors, recommending how experiences such as hers may be used as a teaching tool within a framework of human rights and the UN Convention on Genocide, and to connect and compare the destruction of Ukraine and its people during the Holodomor in the 1930s to Russia’s war on Ukraine today.

HREC Education director Valentina Kuryliw

Suggestions for introducing the Holodomor using interactive teaching methodologies and engaged learning activities were presented. Primary and secondary resources, lesson plans and digital resources for classroom use were provided to all participants. The lecture was organized by the Ukrainian Studies Organization at Indiana University and the presentation was targeted at educators in the Russian and Eastern European Institute at Indiana University, to high school educators and to college professors, as well as being publicly posted as open to the wider community.

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Following the presentation was a robust question and answer period with the educators participating. Kuryliw was invited by Iryna Voloshyna, Associate Instructor, Department of Folklore and Ethnomusicology and the event was organized by the Ukrainian Studies Organization at Indiana University.

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