Primary documents – Activity

[Excerpt From Holodomor in Ukraine, The Genocidal Famine 1932-­33: Teaching Materials for Teachers and Students – By Valentina Kuryliw]

The teacher may select one or more of the following activities at the teacher’s professional discretion. Read primary documents before this activity.

3.2.1 Viewing and Reflecting on an event by using DVD documentary on the Holodomor


Genocide Revealed – Educational Version Harvest of Despair

Soviet Story

Appropriate for Students

Grades 9 to 12

Curriculum Fit / Specific Expectations / Learning Outcomes

Please select outcomes you wish to cover from either English language arts or so- cial studies or history and prepare an assessment to share with the students at the outset.

Materials Required

Online sources of documentary: Harvest of Despair: []

Copies of either 3.2.1 Activity 1, 2, and/or Activity 3

Copies in this workbook. Books of short stories: A Hunger Most Cruel: TheHuman Face of the 1932-1933 Terror- Famine in Soviet Ukraine, A. Dimarov, Y. Hutsalo, O. Zvychayna. Language Lanterns Publications, 2002 (short stories)

Kobzar’s Children, The Rings, Marsha Forchuk Skrypuch Fitzhenry & Whiteside, 2006.

Set-up Required

Screen to view documentary, form student groups Projector and screen

Harvest of Despair is one of several documentaries that present the story of the Holodomor. It is easily available and a good source of information. It may be used as a pre-task activity providing students with information that they may require to successfully complete their learning task. In this section we provide 3 different copies of activities that teachers may duplicate for their students to work on in groups or individually after they have viewed the film.

Genocide Revealed is one of the most recent documentaries on the Holodomor accessing new resources and eyewitness accounts.


Film Analysis of Harvest of Despair

Pre-task activity: viewing of the film

Task: completing the film analysis form provided in 3.2.1 Activity

Post-task reflection: sharing views with students in a small group


Students identify the players in a genocidal action such as the Holodomor using 3.2.1 Activity 2.


Students use the information in the documentary to answer questions in

3.2.1 Activity 3 for a class discussion.

Pre-task activity: viewing of the film

Task: responding to questions, class discussion

Post task activity: individual reflection on the answers and new questions that arose during listening to the class discussion.

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