Survivors DVD – Activity

Student Handout

Working with survivors accounts — Videotaped

View the DVD:

  1. “Holodomor—Let  Their  Memory  Be  Eternal”  by  CanadInns,  a  15 minute production includes the accounts of 12 Holodomor survivors or research on websites: and/or
  2. “Voices  Of  Survivors”, DVD

Suggestion: Teachers could ask students to select 5 individuals who’s information will be the basis for their work.

Answer the following questions:

  1. Gather 10 facts about the Holodomor from the accounts of the survivors.
  2. According to survivors, who were the:
    1. perpetrators
    2. henchmen
    3. victims
  3. What evidence was given that the Famine was deliberate?
  4. How did some people survive?
  5. Select an incident described that was especially
    1. distressing: OR
    2. memorable or uplifting:
  6. Describe the survivors.

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