Working with eyewitness accounts — Videotaped

[Excerpt From Holodomor in Ukraine, The Genocidal Famine 1932-33: Teaching Materials for Teachers and Students – By Valentina Kuryliw]

View the DVD:

  1. “Holodomor—Let  Their  Memory  Be  Eternal”  by  CanadInns,  a  15minute production includes the accounts of 12 Holodomor survivors orresearch on websites: and/or
  2. “Voices Of Survivors”, DVD

Answer the following questions:

  1. Gather 10 facts about the Holodomor from the accounts of the survivors.
  2. According to survivors, who were the:
    1. perpetrators
    2. henchmen
    3. victims
  3. What evidence was given that the Famine was deliberate?
  4. How did some people survive?
  5. Select an incident described that was especially:
    • distressing: OR
    • memorable or uplifting:
  6. Describe  the survivors.

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