The Ontario Curriculum History and Geography Grades 7 and 8

Curriculum Expectations Where the Holodomor, Canada’s First Internment Operations or Topics on Ukraine May Apply

Grade Subject Unit Overall Expectation Specific Expectation Explanation
7 History B. Canada, 1890-1914: A Changing Society B1. Application: Analyze aspects of the lives of various groups in Canada between 1800 and 1850, and compare them to the lives of people in Canada in 1713–1800. B1.1: Analyze social and political values and significant aspects of life for some different groups in Canada between 1800 and 1850. Sample question: “Describe and compare the experiences of Ukrainian Canadians to the various other groups that lived in Canada between 1890 and 1914.”
8 Geography B. Global Inequalities: Economic Development and Quality of Life B1. Application: Analyze some interrelationships among factors that contribute to global inequalities, with a focus on inequalities in quality of life, and assess various responses to these inequalities. B1.2: Analyze how various factors have affected the economies of specific developed and developing countries around the world. Sample question: “How does political conflict affect the economy?”“How has the current Ukraine-Russia conflict affected the Ukrainian and Russian economies?”