Working with Eyewitness Accounts – Activity

[Excerpt From Holodomor in Ukraine, The Genocidal Famine 1932-­33: Teaching Materials for Teachers and Students – By Valentina Kuryliw]


Students will be divided into 6 groups. 3 groups will receive Eyewitness Account 1 and 3 groups will receive Eyewitness Account 2. Students will read the eyewitness account and answer the following questions in their groups:

  1. Identify the eyewitness (age, gender and location) and how they deal with the historical event in his/her life?
  2. How did this event affect his/her life? Give 3 to 5 specific examples.
  3. What did you learn about the event, from this account? (Why, where, who were the perpetrators and victims?)

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